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Altimeter GPS
for iPhone, iPad and Android

Barometric altimeter, seven open source maps, compass with search for places, weather and pedometer widgets. And all this without the need for internet connection thanks to the "Pure Altitude" algorithm.


The app for hikers and mountain lovers

Whether you are in the Dolomites or on Mount Everest, GPS altimeter will always indicate your altitude. Altimeter GPS is an app dedicated to all lovers of outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, walking, mountain biking, climbers, mountaineers ...

Barometric altimeter

Thanks to the "Pure Altitude" algorithm. No internet connection is required for speed and altitude detection. Use the ASTER system and the barometer.

Calculation of sunrise and sunset

Sunrise and sunset are automatically calculated based on your current GPS coordinates with a proprietary algorithm. You will always know when it will be dark so that you can plan your excursion in the best possible way


Save the position

Save your position wherever you are. When you need to go back, press "Find Again" and the shortest route for the return will be calculated. So you'll never get lost.

Open source maps

In addition to iOS maps, there are four different open source maps. From OpenStreetMap to specific maps for hikers and cyclists. You will also find the most hidden trails and all the peaks.


Thanks to the exclusive "Pure Altitude" algorithm, all essential data can be calculated with absolute precision without an internet connection.

When you are in the high mountains or in isolated places, internet connection will not be available. No problem, the main functions like altitude, sunrise and sunset, barometer and speedometer will work anyway because they only use the GPS sensor and the barometer of your iPhone



Thanks to the proprietary weather server, which you can also consult from the website, we are able to get the most accurate weather forecast. Choose the destination from the menu and discover the weather forecast, with many advanced statistical data.


Maps for trekking

Dirt roads, mountain paths, mule tracks, cycle paths ... You will find them all thanks to over seven layers of open source maps, designed for hiking, trekking and mountain biking.


Compass with search for places  

The compass works thanks to the internal magnetometer of your iPhone. The exclusive "Place finder" function shows you the direction, as the crow flies, of the place you indicated.


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It's free.

Altimeter GPS for Andoird and iOS

Main features

Barometric altimeter, seven open source maps, compass with search for places, weather and pedometer widgets. And all this without the need for internet connection.

This is GPS Altimeter, the application designed for outdoor activities. At the top of Mount Everest as well as on the trails of the Dolomites, the app uses GPS data, ASTER and the iPhone's internal barometer (for iPhone 6 or>): you can use it anytime, anywhere!
Altimeter GPS is the ideal tool for those who practice outdoor activities, such as hikers, climbers, cyclists or skiers.

Usually smartphone altimeters use internet data to read GPS coordinates and get altitude. ALTIMETRO GPS uses the data provided by the internal GPS of the iPhone, the barometer and the ASTER system. It will never leave you alone!