Why walking in the mountains is good for your healt?

Walking in the mountains

Walking in the mountains is a very complete physical activity and within everyone’s reach that is good for health. Walking is a simple and natural movement, an innate movement in man, which does not need great explanations. Doing it in the mountains, immersed in nature, in close contact with the environment and away from the noise and hectic pace of the city, helps to amplify the benefit.

To start walking in the mountains, my advice is to start very gradually, both in terms of the height difference and the development and length of the walks, in order to give the body time to adapt to the new type of effort. During your walk, always keep your breathing under control and adjust the pace to the type of terrain you will encounter. If you are at your first outings my advice is to use the appropriate trekking poles. Keep your attention on what you are doing because, especially downhill, if you are tired it is easy to put your feet up badly and risk ankle sprains and dangerous loss of balance.

Walking in the mountains is good for the body and the spirit

But let’s see in detail what the benefits of this activity are.

It makes you lose weight and helps keep your weight under control. Walking along the mountain trails throughout the year helps keep fit and can give good results even without changing the diet much. It is an excellent solution for those who have overweight problems and for those who suffer from diabetes because it burns a lot of reserve fat, or those fats that many would like to eliminate. Think that during an uphill walk you burn almost 40% more calories than a flat walk. Some believe that the best thing to lose weight is running. Nothing could be more wrong: running tends to burn carbohydrates first and then fats.

A recent study conducted by the University of Verona has shown that at the same time, if it is true that the faster you go the more you consume calories, it is equally true that the energy source used changes significantly depending on the type of effort.

The greater the effort, the greater the use of carbohydrates.

By decreasing the intensity of motor activity, however, the body draws less and less from carbohydrates to prefer the energy source of fat deposits. Even a simple walk of an hour on the hills, done at a good pace, can already trigger this process of fat removal.

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Improves the efficiency of the cardiovascular system.

Going walking with a certain continuity helps to prevent some cardiovascular diseases, such as stroke and heart attack. Keeping your breathing under control, along the uphill stretches you will find yourself doing less effort and the goal will not seem that far. Gradually, with time and with training, our aerobic threshold will also significantly improve and fatigue will be felt less and less.

Tones legs and buttocks.

The external appearance of the body will also improve. Furthermore, using telescopic trekking poles (also highly recommended for greater stability and to lighten, especially downhill, the weight on the knees and ankles), the muscles of the arms and those of the upper part of the body will also remain active.

Discharge the mind of negative tensions.

In addition to bringing real and tangible benefits to the body, walking in the mountains is an excellent remedy against stress. Physical activity carried out in an environment rich in oxygen and pure air helps to ease the negative tensions of the mind and allows the body to regenerate itself. All this will lead to positive repercussions also on our thoughts. Immersing oneself even for a few hours in nature some things at the end of the day will be seen from another point of view and some negative thoughts, completely useless, as if by magic they will no longer occupy our head.
Helps to listen to your body and what is around you. Walking in the mountains helps you feel alive and part of the space that surrounds us. During the excursions the silence of the mountain will help us to listen to our breath and the beating of our heart. The sun, the heat, the cold, the noises and the smells of the mountain attune us to the marvelous nature that surrounds us, making us feel privileged to enjoy all this for free.

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Other advantages of walking in the mountains

walking in the mountains

It is cheap. It is an activity that goes very well with the current period of crisis and has a low environmental impact. If you do not choose challenging routes, a pair of comfortable shoes is enough to suit the season and a little willpower, especially at the beginning, when fatigue will be felt sooner and more. Italy in particular is rich in mont


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