How to prepare a hike in the mountains

Any hike in the mountains, especially if it is in areas that are little known or even unknown, must be prepared in good time and carefully so as to minimize unpleasant surprises along the way. More and more people are attracted by the beauty of the mountain but many of them are unprepared to face […]

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Food and trail running: do you have a race in preparation?

Those who know the Trail Running discipline know that in preparation it is better not to leave anything to chance … The participants in this type of events run on mountain trails, up and down valleys and mountains, for considerable distances and with steep slopes! But let’s try to understand how these races take place […]


Do you know hiking techniques?

Speaking of hiking techniques for some will seem a little absurd because walking is the first thing you learn as children (even before the word) and then you don’t forget it for life. However, modern civilization has contributed to making travel easier and without obstacles by creating strange forms of homo sedentarius. Especially in the […]


Most frequent injuries during a mountain excursion

Let’s face it, a mountain vacation without hiking is truly an almost mortal sin. These walks immersed in nature are absolutely recommended for both physical and mental health. There is no rain on this! Walking in the mountains is good for your health. Training and good preparation are very important points to fully enjoy a […]


Cold trips: clothing, nutrition, hydration

For many, winter is the least suitable season for excursions. I always liked to walk in the mountains in the cold and not just when there is snow. Winter is the time for the recovery of medium and low altitude paths, finally free from tall grasses. Sometimes beautiful trails, rich in history and signs of […]


Avalanches: the ten false beliefs that can cheat you

It is winter and we often hear about avalanches or avalanches. On the TV, in the bar, on the chairlift, you can hear them cooked and raw. Everyone knows everything or at least think they know it! Many people make great speeches with few doubts dispensing certain and schematic rules! We are all football coaches, […]

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Trekking poles: how to best use them?

I still remember when I bought my first trekking poles: in the mountains, at least in my area, there were very few people to use them, mostly they were Germans or Austrians. Italian white flies. Instead, there were many people who always asked me the same question: but where are the skis? Someone intrigued, holding […]


Thunderstorms in the mountains: how to behave

Storms in the mountains As the summer season approaches, the risk of thunderstorms in the mountains increases progressively. The hiker, the trekker, the mountaineer, the biker know very well that the storm is often accompanied by lightning. Just lightning represents the greatest danger for those who are outdoors in the midst of a summer storm. […]

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Sleep in mountain huts: what you need to know

Have you ever slept in a real mountain retreat? Are you curious and want to try this new experience but you don’t know how it works, how to behave and what to put in your backpack to face your first overnight stay at high altitude? Well, you’ve come to the right place because whoever wrote […]


How to teach children climbing

How to teach children climbing Teaching climbing to children is not a big problem indeed, it is perhaps they who could teach it to adults! Climbing is indeed an innate gesture in all children. We begin by stepping over the bars of the couch and then, just bigger, climbing on the walls, on the trees […]

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How to start doing Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is a natural and dynamic walk to which is added the functional use of two special sticks. It is a very recent discipline (1997) officially born in Finland thanks to the thesis presented by the student Marko Kantaneva but which in fact was practiced already many years before as training by the athletes […]

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Winter clothing for mountain biking

MTB in the winter, especially when the cold is felt more, is not something for everyone. It will be a question of passion but it also depends on the capacity to tolerate the cold of each of us. It is essential to wear the right clothing to avoid unnecessary suffering. To put in place an […]