GPS for trekking: here are the best and some advice

What are the best GPS for trekking? It depends. There are many ways to experience the outdoors and each of them requires a different device, in size, portability and functions. Luckily, there is Garmin who, among watches, laptops and communication and security devices, always has a tool to suit the situation.

Having a GPS for trekking is now essential

The trekking GPS is an indispensable tool for hiking activities, whether you are adventuring on the Alpine peaks or enjoying wandering through the woods in search of mushrooms. In fact, a GPS instrument allows you:

  • Geolocation, to detect your position in real time. In the mountains, being able to know and communicate your position at all times is, first of all, a matter of safety, and that’s why taking a GPS with you for trekking is essential;
  • navigation, to know the direction to take and, for example, the distance from your destination, record points of interest or return to the starting point if you got lost;
  • the creation of routes, based on preloaded maps;
  • the archiving of the tracks, with the relative information on distance, height difference, slope;
  • consultation of weather conditions in real time, thanks to the integrated barometer.


GPS for Garmin trekking

Garmin devices are considered to be among the best GPS for trekking. And that’s not by chance. It is thanks to the navigation tools that the name Garmin is famous in the world and in recent years, consistent with our mission, we have constantly improved them, until you get the maximum functionality and technology. To date, our flagships, in the field of GPS for trekking, are:

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gps trekking orologi e portatili

Garmin fēnix 6, GPS watch for outdoor and sport

The fēnix 6 is the best GPS for trekking if you are looking for a wearable, discreet, reliable device with all the features you need for outdoor activities. Moreover, if you are also sporty, if you want to monitor your performance in the mountains, if you are looking for a watch that will accompany you not only during the trekking but also, with style and elegance, in everyday life, then fēnix 6 is a must.


Garmin fēnix 6 is a GPS watch suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities, including of course trekking. The versions are preloaded with the topographic map TopoActive Europe which, being compiled with the OpenStreetMap (OSM) database, provides references for outdoor and recreational activities in 47 European countries. You will have directly on your wrist a map clock for trekking to be used in summer while, during the winter, you can count on the pre-loaded database of over 2,000 international ski resorts with indication of the slopes and the level of difficulty. Thanks to the barometric altimeter, barometer and 3-axis electronic compass, you will always be able to find your way around and you will be able to predict sudden changes in weather conditions, which is essential in case of excursions with uncertain weather conditions.

With a fēnix 6, you can count not only on a GPS for trekking, hiking and ski touring, but also on all the features of a sports watch: preloaded apps for specific sports (running, cycling, weight, walking … and at least another twenty sports), cardio wrists also suitable for swimming, pulse oximeter, advanced performance metrics, activity tracking and sleep monitoring. In addition, you will have on your wrist, every day, smart functions, such as contactless payments, music and smart notification.


orologi gps trekking fenix 6
fēnix 6, orologio GPS per il trekking

GPSMAP 66 series, portable GPS for trekking

If what you are looking for is a navigation instrument, then the Garmin trekking GPS that best suits your needs is the GPSMAP 66, available in three versions:

The three models are practically identical in appearance and have the same physical characteristics of waterproofing (IPX7) and robustness (military standard MIL-STD 810G). All models are equipped with altimeter, barometer, compass and support the reception of multiple satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo) for a more accurate detection of the position. However, there are some substantial differences:

  • GPSMAP 66s
    Powered by batteries and basic topographic map;
  • GPSMAP 66st
    Battery powered and precharged TopoActive Europe Map;
  • GPSMAP 66i
    Built-in rechargeable battery, pre-charged TopoActive Europe map and inReach technology (see below) for communication and rescue requests.

These are not insignificant differences that extend the range of Garmin trekking GPSs, providing you with a wider choice, able to meet all your needs. The GPSMAP 66 series is therefore the best choice if you practice hiking, mountain biking, exploration, climbing, kayaking… if you love to live the outdoors in the round and you need a reliable instrument, robust, able to take you wherever you want with the certainty of always finding the path.

gpsmap 66 gps per l'escursionismo
Serie GPSMAP 66, portatili GPS per il trekking

Garmin inReach, mountain safety devices… and more

One of the great problems you encounter when facing a trek is the impossibility of communicating your position at all times. But what would happen in case of emergency? How would you ask for help if you only rely on your smartphone? It is not necessary to venture into remote places to lose the GSM signal, on the contrary, telephone coverage in certain areas is totally absent.
The instruments of the series (plus the already mentioned GPSMAP 66i), are devices designed to stay in touch with the outside world, wherever you are in the world. Communication is based on Iridium technology (not GSM, therefore), just like a satellite phone, but instead of voice, they transmit and receive text messages.

But safety comes first and foremost, while we like to know you are free to explore, without limits, the boundaries of your adventures, we want to ensure that you can do so without risk, just as evidenced by the stories of (outdoor photographer) and (ultrarunner and mountain enthusiast). Garmin inReach can make the difference between life and death.

With inReach tools, as the most compact, you can track and share your journey in real time: those waiting for you at home will always know where you are and how you are. An invaluable peace of mind, if your goal is to climb K2 but also if you love trekking in the Dolomites or you are planning an outing in the woods in search of mushrooms.

If necessary, just press a button to send an SOS. Wherever you are, even in the most dispersed and inaccessible area, your request – together with your geolocation – will be immediately sent to the international monitoring center GEOS, and you can communicate in real time (in Italian) with a dedicated operator who, keeping in touch with you and your family, will give you instructions on what you can do and on the arrival of the rescue.

garmin inreach mini trekking sicurezza

Garmin inReach is the perfect trekking GPS for you if you want to experience the outdoors without limits, but in total safety, if you want to be always and anyway reachable, if you need a reliable, robust but light instrument. And the cost of a subscription is much more affordable than you might think.


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