Distance calculation: find out how far is your goal.

Among the various functions of the Altimeter GPS app is also the distance calculation. It is an exclusive function based on a proprietary algorithm and developed ad hoc. It allows you to calculate the distance from where you are in the air. Simply move the wheel to the right with the meter indicator, and frame […]


The Best Maps for Trekking, Hiking and MTB for outdoor enthusiasts

Inside the Altimeter GPS app you can find and freely consult 7 Open Source maps. This application provides the user with seven extremely clear and detailed topographic maps (amazingly clear) making maximum use of the power of Retina technology and the use of realistic symbols and colors.   Maps are designed for hikers, mountain bikers, […]


Mathematically calculated sunrise and sunset with GPS

In the GPS Altimeter app, sunrise and sunset are automatically calculated with a proprietary mathematical algorithm based on the current GPS coordinates. No internet connection is required, so you will always know at all times when it gets dark.   Plan your excursion to the fullest: calculating the timing of an excursion Know exactly when […]