GPS for trekking: here are the best and some advice

What are the best GPS for trekking? It depends. There are many ways to experience the outdoors and each of them requires a different device, in size, portability and functions. Luckily, there is Garmin who, among watches, laptops and communication and security devices, always has a tool to suit the situation. Having a GPS for […]


How to choose a hiking backpack

Not all trekking backpacks are the same, but to choose the right one you just need to be clear about the use you want to make of them and keep in mind all the specifics that can make the difference, such as the capacity, the shoulder straps, the backrest. The trekking backpack: a faithful travel […]

Mountain lovers

How to start trekking in the right way

I want to start trekking! How many times have I heard this sentence. Today trekking and hiking are terms that are increasingly replacing the word hiking. We know that in the end the English terms always end up having more appeal: to say I do trekking or I want to start trekking is much cooler […]

Mountain Biking

Orientation and planning of mountain bike tours

Let’s tackle a topic that is usually not covered on the web: Tools for orientation and planning mountain bike tours. Several times it happened to me during my laps in the mountains to find people who ask me “Is this the way to the Rif. Xxx” or “How much is missing to reach this Fork […]

Technical accessories

GPS battery low. What to do?

When you make an excursion or a trip to the mountains, we have a pair of boots, two push pedals or skis on our feet, the only thing certain is that we want to squeeze out as many hours as possible of leisure time. . It is not rare, therefore, that we start at the […]


How to do canyoning

How to do canyoning Canyoning or torrentisimo consists of the descent of streams and narrow rocky gorges carved by water. Diving, sliding on the toboggans, climbing passages, breathtaking descents in pools of crystal clear water are the salt of this group sport of undoubted explorative charm, which has the advantage of promoting socialization and lots […]


The 6 most serious mistakes in sport climbing

Mistakes in climbing Climbing is an intrinsically dangerous sport where objective dangers linked to the environment and subjective dangers inherent in the human component are affected. While in alpine climbing the objective factors are particularly severe: falling rocks, landslides, sudden weather changes, avalanches, etc. in sport climbing on cliffs the objective dangers are greatly reduced […]

Mountain lovers

Why walking in the mountains is good for your healt?

Walking in the mountains Walking in the mountains is a very complete physical activity and within everyone’s reach that is good for health. Walking is a simple and natural movement, an innate movement in man, which does not need great explanations. Doing it in the mountains, immersed in nature, in close contact with the environment […]


The best season for mountain excursions

What is the best season for mountain excursions? A difficult question which, in my opinion, presupposes not a single answer! Precisely for this reason I thought of putting down on paper a whole series of considerations on what the mountain can offer the hiker over the four seasons. Spring, summer, autumn, winter every season is […]


How to choose a backpack for the mountains

Mountain backpack Choosing the right backpack for the mountain is not easy, given the large number of backpacks of every shape and size on the market. Nor can we help in this choice the beautiful phrase of the late and famous mountaineer Renato Casarotto “My backpack is not only full of materials and food: inside […]


The dangers of the winter mountains

Dangers of the mountain Today I want to talk about the dangers of the mountain and more precisely those that interest all those who love to visit the snowy mountain. In other words, I turn to ski mountaineers, freeriders, hikers, but also to simple hikers who occasionally frequent the mountains during the cold season. Going […]


Trekking: how to choose the ideal mountain shoes

Trekking: how to choose the ideal mountain shoes Today, as never before, the market offers a myriad of mountain shoes for hiking and trekking. Low and high shoes with more or less rigid soles. But how do you orient yourself in the choice? Each company in the sector has diversified its offer by producing footwear […]