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Useful advice for hikers

How to predict the weather in the mountains with altimeter and barometer

The weather is always one of the great thoughts for those who go to the mountains, whether you want to take a simple trip or think of something more challenging...

GPS, instructions for use on excursions:
the definitive guide

The Global Positioning System, GPS in current language, has now become a trusted companion of many hikers and bikers thanks to the inclusion of the cartographic ...

Useful tips for hiking in the mountains

What to do if you are overwhelmed by
an avalanche

The survival curve does not lie: when you are overwhelmed by an avalanche, if you are rescued within the first 18 minutes you have a 90% chance of surviving...

What to bring when going
to the mountains? 

in the mountains, equipment and security surely go hand in hand.
It is clear that safety in the mountains depends above all on common sense and on the...

How to choose the trekking backpack to go walking in the mountains

Choosing the ideal trekking backpack to go walking in the mountains or to do the Camino de Santiago is not just a matter of identifying the best brands: there are many...

In the mountains
with your

How far can we go if we take an excursion with our dog? How often should you drink? When to eat it? An expert veterinary, answers all these questions.

10 indispensable things to
take with you
to a mountain refuge

Sleeping in a high-altitude refuge is a fantastic experience: the silence of the mountains, the spectacle of sunrise and sunset, the total immersion in nature ...

Altimeter GPS,
tips and
how to

Altimeter GPS for iPhone

discover how to use the best altimeter gps for iPhone and iPad. Altimeter GPS is the ideal companion for trekkes, climbers, hikers and mountain bikers


The inseparable tool for your excursions

Whether you are in the Dolomites or on Mount Everest, GPS altimeter will always indicate your altitude. Altimeter GPS is an app dedicated to all lovers of outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, walking, mountain biking, climbers, mountaineers.

Thanks to the "Pure Altitude" proprietary algorithm that uses the GPS and the Barometer of your iPhone, the altitude measurement will always be precise even without an internet connection

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